Wine Tours by Jake
 Custom Wine Tours for any Occasion

A Message From @jakethewino

It`s my goal for each and every wine tour to be tailored to the client. If you're here for an anniversary or proposal, I`ll help you make it romantic. If It`s a birthday party, let's have some fun. If you're out here for a bridal, party let's get crunk. If you are reeling from a divorce let's get crazy! Whatever you need, wine is there to help you out, and I can help find the right setting for you to enjoy the perfect day! 

Why Wine Tours by Jake?

Use jakethewino

   Time Saving & Worry-Free

  • Jake has visited hundreds of local wineries
  • Custom itineraries
  • Will keep you on schedule 
  • Takes great photos
  • Safe and clean transportation
  • Local insight on trending food spots and tasting rooms.
  • Specializing in groups six and under.
  • Commercial drivers license (CDL) and can accommodate groups up to 28 passengers.   

 Do it yourself...

  Lets think about it...

Drinking and driving is not only dangerous to you and your passengers, but to everyone else on the road. Designated drivers save lives."But Jake...I can`t afford a driver," says Debbie Downer.

Hiring a driver is cheaper than a DUI. 

Ride Sharing App

  Simply a driving service

A lot of people ask me why not use a ride sharing app? If you know where you're going this can be a great way to go, but there are a few downsides.

You have to take all your stuff with you at each stop. And if you buy any wine it's a pain.

What are the odds your rideshare app driver knows Napa and Sonoma like Jakethewino? Let's be real....slim to none.

Wait times... The majority of wine country is out in the country. Who knows how long you`ll have to wait on your next ride and who knows if you`ll make it to your next appointment. That's right. The best places are through appointment.


Corporate Tour Company 

   Lots of links to this chain

Ok... Corporate has to be cheaper right?

Not necessarily, do your own homework. Jake has very competitive rates and will work with any budget for any occasion. 
Often corporate tour companies have someone making the reservations in their main office and your driver may have little to no input on your tour.

Jake works with a small amount of clients to ensure that the tour you book on the phone matches your expectations on the day that you head out.